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Freudenberg-NOK Custom Seals

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Freudenberg Express™ is a rapid prototype and production cell. It is designed to be a cost effective solution for low quantity production of an almost limitless list of products. Because these seals are machined on a CNC Lathe, there are no mold charges. Variations are easily accommodated, and molding issues such as knit lines, ejector pins markings, and flash are eliminated. Products can be held to extremely high tolerances. Freudenberg-NOK stocks over $250,000 worth of raw material ready for immediate processing. Choose from nearly 100 standard designs including rod seals, piston seals, wipers, pneumatic seals, static seals, guide bands, back-up rings, o-rings, shaft seals, swivel seals, and more.

With Freudenberg Express™, you can design your own products on-line quickly and easily, then have them ship to you within 24 hours guaranteed.

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  • Made to Print & Certified
  • 24 hour Guarantee*
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Freudenberg Express™ Materials

Selection of Exclusive Freudenberg-NOK Materials

Freudenberg Express™ uses some of the highest quality materials in the world. Virtually any type of sealing material used in a hydraulic or pneumatic applications. Here is a list of some of the standard Xpress materials:

Polyurethanes Elastomers
AU94 / P100 - Blue
9250 / P200 - Natural
HPU / P500 - Red
NBR 85 / N100
H-NBR 85 / N300
FKM 85 / F100
EPDM 85 / E100
SIL 75 / S100
Plastomers Fluro-Plastic (PTFE)
POM / L100 - Black & Natural
Nylon / L200 - Black & Natural
PTFE / T300 - Virgin
PTFE/Bz / T400 - 40% Bronze
PTFE/Glass / T500 - 15% Glass
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